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Courses, Groups and One-on-one

Kids Relaxation and Meditation

Do your children need some assistance with sleep, concentration, emotional outbursts or withdrawal. We all know how we feel if our sleep is broken, so how do our loved ones feel and act when sleep is scattered.  Meditation has been shown to assist children to :

  • get better quality sleep
  • still active minds and bodies
  • build resilience at home and school
  • have the capacity for longer and deeper concentration
  • clear foggy minds

Join a class or a mobile service that comes to you or your group

Mums and Bubs Relaxation Classes

Baby Calm Classes. Calm for you - Calm for baby!

Join a class or a mobile service that comes to you or your group. Together with bubs, learn the practice of meditation – bond, calm, improve sleep and restlessness.  Enjoy this new journey together. 

Take the time from your busy schedules to relax, unwind and calm nerves. Enjoy quality time with bubs to bond, meet other mums and learn practical strategies for relaxation and reducing anxiety all that can be done at home. 

Mums N Bubs Relaxation classes are designed to help mums to relax, calm nerves and get that quality time with bubs. Usually when mum calms and relaxes, so does baby.

Are you finding motherhood a challenge; sleep deprived, trouble with feeding; to name a few, then these classes will help.  Meditation is a powerful healing tool and combined with practical ideas and strategies for dealing with day to day challenges you’ll come away feeling refreshed, calm and getting the sleep you need.

Mums are free to sit, walk, feed or lie on the floor with bubs - what ever makes mum and bubs comfortable and able to relax.  Meet other mums in a supportive, caring and nurturing environment.

Couples Meditation

Meditation will help open communication and therefore assist to understand each other’s needs. Learn to relax, unwind and deal with stress as a couple. Choose the focus of the meditation sessions: general relaxation, work home-life balance, togetherness.

Runs for three sessions - preferably held over three consecutive weeks

Create your own session

Create your own meditation group with family, friends or work colleagues. Once you have established your group, participants create the focus of your meditation sessions.

Hold the class in your workplace, home or at Nurture Inside. Workshops for mothers groups, office, schools, clubs and more.

Pregnancy Peace Meditation - for women and their birth support partner

Ever felt like your head would explode with too much birth information or advice? The many ideas about birth and motherhood can make us anxious, concerned and overwhelmed. The four week Pregnancy Peace meditation series focuses on learning to calm the mind and relax the body, by supporting your spirit.
Nurture Inside offers a safe place to explore ideas and learn how to switch-off negatives ones. Through meditation and other practical strategies learn to deal with anxiety and feel more in control. Being pregnant is a fantastic time in your life. Enjoy this beautiful course and nurture your body.
There are many paths to take as parents-to-be, all with their own possible consequences, ‘Natural Birth or Intervention', 'Drugs or no Drugs', 'Breast Feeding or Bottle'. All this can make even the most level headed women feel overwhelmed, stressed or even depressed. Knowing things don't always go the way we expect can help relieve pressure. This course will support you with tools to trust in yourself and find your way.
Meditation is known to reduce the effects of morning sickness, reflux, back ache and lower blood pressure.
The nurturing, loving and safe environment created by Nurture Inside will benefit any mum to be. We all know that a happy mum equals a happy baby.   Leave the course feeling revitalised.

Family Balance Meditation Course

Becoming a mother was a very emotional, therefore a stressful time for me, as it is for most new parents. Everything is new and it is natural to feel overwhelmed. 
Nurture Inside offers a six week Family Balance meditation course so you can learn the practice of meditation and come away with practical ideas and strategies for fitting meditation into your family life. Work on understanding what triggers your anxiety and stress levels and look at positive ways to overcome them. 
This meditation course will help you to bond with your baby. Being relaxed will increase milk flow and supply, supporting you if you choose to breast feed. It also supports you in finding a way to share yourself with your parenting partner in this new journey together.
Experiences such as a traumatic birth, difficulties with breastfeeding and lack of sleep are only a few of the potential triggers for post-natal depression. Learn the tools to calm your mind and relax your body.
Allow yourself to enjoy this exciting and amazing experience of being the loving parent you are.