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My Post Natal Depression Story

Frances Eyre

Post Natal Depression... what can I say. Two years down the track I feel that I am almost back to myself (what ever that is). I can’t believe that my son Joshua has just turned 2 years old. He is not a baby anymore but a little boy.
I struggled for some time to get on top of my depression but I think a combination of a few things really helped me.
I started taking Joshua to family day care one day a week. I don’t really have much family to call on, so the break that gave me was amazing. Even though I would always seem to cram so much into my free day it still gave me re-newed energy and enthusiasm. To be able to care for someone else you need to be able to care for yourself first.
I also cut Gluten out of my diet. Having been Gluten free now for about 6 months I can feel the changes in my body when I have had it by mistake. I almost have a personality change. I am so emotional, moody and am really tired (my whole body is drained of energy). I get aches in my legs and night sweats. So you can see why I am avoiding it now. Gluten is in food you would never expect and has been found to be a big trigger for depression.
I also started my Certificate course in Guided Meditation Teaching (Visualisation) and the benefits from that were just - I don’t know I don’t have a word for it. I felt like I was on cloud nine, I felt so much lighter and more relaxed. I learned a lot about myself during the 8 month course. Not only was I getting out of the house (and having some me time), hubby was getting to spend quality time with Joshua and I was healing. It was a supportive group and we all helped each other along and over hurdles and through beautiful enchanted gardens and lots more, I learnt to Nurture myself.
Since being effected by PND I established ‘Nurture Inside’… Caring for Mind, Body and Baby. ‘Pregnancy Peace’ and ‘Family Balance’ are meditation courses tailored for new parents and parents-to-be. They will help you feel in control when you need it most. 
Anyway, have a look at my website - you might find something there that helps. All the best on your healing journey. Remember… Nurture and be kind to yourself
Frances Eyre